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Trophy Idaho Elk Hunts

Trophy Idaho Elk Hunts

Here at Ready Outfitters Elk hunting is our passion. We offer archery, wilderness and late season elk hunts. All of our guides have been hunting elk their whole lives and are skilled hunters and guides who love what they do. Our elk hunts are all fair chase hunts on public land in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness or the Clearwater National Forest. 


These 5 day archery elk hunts start at our drive-to Base Camp on the Clearwater National Forest and Selway Wilderness. Depending on where the elk are at the time you will either be hunting out of base camp each day or riding to one of our spike camps to get closer to the game. These hunts are fully guided 1x1 or 2x1 including all meals, lodging, and riding stock.


Our 7 day Wilderness Elk Hunts take place in Idaho's Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. These are early rifle during the rut opening day September 15th. You can use either a bow or rifle in this area.

These hunts are back-country and our camps are only accessed on horseback with pack mule strings.  You will ride anywhere from 3-6 hours to one of our camps and stay in wall tents. There will be a cook tent with a cook preparing all your meals. Depending on where the elk are you might ride to another spike camp to hunt out of a few nights. 


The late season elk hunts are 5 days and are on the Clearwater National Forest as well as the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness. These hunts are when we catch elk on the move. We will be hunting out of our all included drive-to base camp.  

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7 Day Wilderness Dates & Prices


  1. September 14-20 (Booking for 2021)
  2. September 22-28 (Booking for 2021)
  3. October 1-7  (2 spots open 2020)


  • Guided 1x1 - $6,900
  • Guided 2x1 - $5,900

*6% tax and tags not included in hunt price.


5 Day Archery Dates & Prices

2020 DATES:

  • September 7-11(Booking for 2021)

2020 PRICE:

  • Guided 1x1 - $5,900 
  • Guided 2x1 - $4,900 

*6% tax and tags not included in hunt price.

Late Season

5 day Late Season Dates & Prices


  • October 10-14 (Booking for 2021)
  • October 17-21


  • Guided 1x1 - $5,900
  • Guided 2x1 - $4,900

*6% tax and tags not included in hunt price.


Non Resident License & Tags

Our tags are all over the counter in Idaho for non resident hunters. Tags can be sold out to the public early so we have allocated outfitter tags for our hunters that we will get for you. All hunting licenses come with a 3 day fishing license.

  • Non-Resident Hunting License - $164.75
  • ELK  -  $416.75
  • DEER - $301.75 (can be used for bear or lion)
  • BEAR -  $41.75 (reduced)
  • WOLF - $31.75
  • MOUNTAIN LION - $ 41.75 (reduced)

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Gear List

What to Bring on your Hunt

Hunting Pack:

  • Rifle & 20 rounds ammo (sighted 1’ high at 100 yards)
    • We will have a gun scabbard for you
  • Lightweight binoculars
  • 2 headlamps w/ batteries
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket knife
  • Hunting knife
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Compact camera
  • Set rain good rain gear(we use Kuiu Yukon gear)
  • Medications & epi pen (if needed)


  • Toiletries
  • Towel & wash cloth
  • Cold weather coat & pants
  • 2 camo shirts & pants
  • set gloves & cap
  • set lightweight camp shoes
  • 2 sets of long underwear
  • 1 Set camp clothes
  • Hunting Boots
  • 4-7 pairs of wool socks
  • Sleeping bag 4-6lbs

*Hunters Orange is not required in Idaho.

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